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Our mission

Hey mates was born out of a personal need to make new friends when moving to a new city or even meeting new people who align with your values, interests, and mindset.

We exist to connect and match people over activities, not just random people but ones who match your values, preferences, and interests.

We are breaking the norm of leaving friend-making to hopes and luck through attending social events and random meetups.

Our goal is to help you build meaningful and lasting connections.

  • 💃 Meet new people in your area over activities you love! 🎯
  • 🔂 Join, schedule, and organise repeat activities! ✌️
  • ✅ Inclusive and open to all age groups. 🙌

How does it work?

1. Choose activity

View the activities and join in if it sounds like you. If not, you can host one and take the initiative!

2. Register interest

Click on sign-up and complete the form to help us better understand you and your interests.

3. Have fun!

Meet new like-minded people over the activity and have a good time. Maybe you'll make a new friend?

Ready to make new friends?

If you are committed and genuinely wanting to meet new like-minded individuals, then view an activity you like and sign-up. Give it a try.

Can't find anything you like? Host one!

If you want to make new friends, it requires persistence, effort, genuine care, and empathy (and much more).